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Council for
Muslims Facing Tomorrow
“God is beautiful and he loves beauty”


  • MFT is committed to establish an ecumenical centre under the name House of Abraham for individuals of all faith traditions to gather in peace, to share experiences, and to build together a place of learning and knowledge;
  • MFT is committed to defend and promote the values of individual freedom, gender equality, human rights, freedom of conscience, free speech, science, and democracy;
  • MFT is a non-profit community based organization dedicated to the purpose of assisting Muslims in Canada with the help of other Canadians embrace openly and freely the principles and values stated in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;
  • MFT distinguishes between Islam, as a monotheistic faith tradition, and Shari’a, as a time bound humanly constructed legal-political system in the name of Islam from the 9th-10th century that is mostly at odds with the modern world;
  • MFT understands from experience the problems of Muslim radicalism are intimately linked with problems of underdevelopment and failed states, and is committed to address these problems in public forums;
  • MFT is dedicated to the principle of open intellectual discourse, and of holding conferences, seminars, learning and teaching work shops on subjects relating to religion and culture;
  • MFT will actively participate in national and international meetings to represent the views of Muslims who believe Islam is open to reform and to new ideas in the advancement of human knowledge, and who oppose extremism in all forms in the name of Islam or any other faith-tradition;
  • MFT will actively pursue relations with members of Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Zoroastrian, Bahai, Sikh, First Nation Aboriginal, other faith traditions, including those who don’t subscribe to any organized religion  to advance cross-cultural engagements, and draw upon the collective wisdom of all of the above in advancing our common well-being;
  • MFT recognizes difficulties, threats, and challenges confronting Canada from radical or extremist Muslims declaring jihad (holy war) against those they consider infidels as well as Muslims who reject their ideology, and is committed to cooperate with governments and their agencies at federal and provincial levels on how best to counter them.