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By Raheel Raza, The Clarion Project June 14, 2016

In wake of yet another attack of terrorism by Jihadists in Orlando Florida we are deeply saddened but not shocked. This attack is not the first or the last. It’s just another checkmark in a string of attacks by the extremists as they gleefully cross off the targets they have destroyed while planning for more attacks.

Once again media pundits and experts are using the language of ‘lone wolf’ and ‘mental issues’. Even Hilary Clinton in her address to the Nation, mentioned that it could be a lone wolf attack.

Is it just naivety on part of our leadership or is it ignorance? It doesn’t take rocket science to deduce that this is not a lone wolf attack. This is a pre-mediated, planned attack ideologically supported by all the extremist groups around the world who want to destroy the West. Connect the dots from Boston to Brussels to Paris to Ottawa to San Bernardino  and now Orlando.

As far as mental issues are concerned, it’s obvious that the radical Jihadist mindset is the result of a mentally deranged ideology.

There, I said it. Now you repeat after me: Its-a-war-on-the-west-stupid!

But  No. You can’t. Political correctness, fear or appeasement keeps your lips sealed. And while you – holding on to your white liberal guilt complex are unable to articulate the real cause of terrorist attacks, they will continue unabated. Why? Because the radical Jihadists know your weakness and fear of being called an Islamo-phobe, so they play you like a piano pressing all the right keys while you sing their song.

Meanwhile Muslim organizations are competing about who will snare the first press conference. Great idea if they plan to slam the Radical Jihadists, or name them and acknowledge (perhaps for the first time) that we have a problem within the House of Islam. But that’s not the rhetoric in this case. Muslim organizations and places of worship are not generally inclined to be warm and fuzzy towards the LGBTQ community and regularly slam those of us who support them.

In Florida an Islamic religious scholar was caught on Youtube gently and firmly suggesting that its compassionate to kill gays. Why is he not in jail?

CAIR (The Council on American-Islamic Relations) came on Fox News very soon after the Orlando attack. The CAIR representative said all the right things about not killing people in the name of God. And then he condemned ISIS saying “1.7 billion people (Muslims) are United in rejecting their (ISIS) extremism, their interpretation, their acts and senseless violence.”

How much can one person lie on public television?  Sadly many people will believe the CAIR representative and of course Muslims are thrilled because he has now absolved all 1.7 billion from any responsibility whatsoever.

If CAIR was really concerned about the Orlando attacks, they would condemn the comments of the religious scholar from Florida, they would speak about ways in which radicalization of our youth can be stemmed and they would openly and publicly reject the concept of “armed Jihad” as a 7th Century construct, no longer applicable in the 21st. Century. They will never say this because they are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

Herein lies a huge problem which must be addressed. Both Muslims and non-Muslims must understand that while all Muslims are not terrorists, most of the terrorists today are Muslims. The ideology of ISIS is the same as Hamas, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Are they not represented in the 1.7 billion? After killing four innocent people in Telaviv, the Hamas operatives who celebrated the murder are also part of 1.7 billion Muslims.

According a to Pew Poll shown in the Clarion documentary “By the Numbers”, there are between 40,000 to 200,00 Muslims as part of ISIS; upto 100,000 Al Qaeda affiliates; 7-9,000 members of Hamas, 15,000 to 100,000 Iranian Revolutionary Guards and about 15,000 members of Hezbollah. All these groups are terrorist groups and Jihadis who should be included in the 1.7 billion Muslims making ALL Muslims not so peaceful. While these are the overtly violent groups, the mindset of millions of other Muslims (according to the poll) is also skewed towards violence and acceptance of violence against other human beings.

This is all to say that we Muslims have a huge crisis of a virus within our ranks which we are not accepting. This problem is increased by the lack of acknowledgement by Western Leaders. Reform minded Muslims like us can only expose the problems. It’s up to the authorities to take corrective action.

It’s taken 15 years for the term “Radical” to become accepted usage. How long more will it take to stop the Radicals from carrying out their nefarious agendas and waging a war on the West?