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Raju Rayhan
publish : 27 Apr, 2014
Women are being captive within to walls of house like domestic animals for the sake of Sariah Law (A Controversial Islamic Law). This trend is being practiced for decade.

On Friday, ‘Naree’, a short film based on the impact of Sariah Law was exhibited at the head quarter of UDICHI (A leading cultural organisation of Bangladesh).

Background of the film:

One day, Chairman with his nephew and imam (Who leads prayers of Muslims) enacted Sariah Law in their village. They thought it would bring happiness. But they started violating rights of the women! They made the villagers understand that women have no acceptability in society and men are at the center of power. They are above trials though they commit crimes! At the very beginning of the film, a man wasn’t punished for killing his wife because there was no witness.

One day, chairman’s daughter got raped by a boy of that area. Chairman decided to call police to send the rapist for punishment. But Shariah law stopped him. End of the day the accused got relieved for the weakness of the Shariah law. Then they understood their mistakes and sent the rapist to custody.

A statistics on the violence against woman in all over the world has shown at the end.

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