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The Problem, Prognosis, and Prescription Kindle Edition. 

Written by the Muslim man that has helped lead the successful effort to create “Radical Free Villages” in Bangladeshi Muslim communities, “How Sharia-ism Hijacked Islam” is a world-changing book that accounts the greatest threat most of us see today – radicalization and extremism based on flawed principles and dangerous theologies. Specifically addressing the millions of peaceful Muslim men and women, this excellent book sets out to answer what so many Muslim and non-Muslims are thinking: “Is this REALLY what Islam commands?”

From the Author: “Every day we hear the stories of another violent attack where the perpetrator shouted “Allahu Akhbar” and claimed to carry out such violence in the “name of Islam.” As a Muslim man, I have been angry, perplexed, confused, and driven to find the answers and resolve why this religion I was brought up in has been used as an excuse for oppression against women and children and minorities. I set out to become a scholar in Islam many years ago and this book is the product of my life’s work: understanding exactly what “Islamic” teachings have perpetuated radicalization and motivated extremists. It all came down to one thing:

The forced implementation of Sharia law and its eventual transformation into framing societies and national governments.

The problem was never Islam itself or my own faith. It was much deeper than that, but also not impossible to resolve.

I have been blessed and honored to be among the founders of the Muslim Reform Movement that seeks to reform some of the most radical elements of extremist thought and Sharia oppression and in this book, you will learn exactly which portions of texts have been used to fool us Muslims into believing we had a violent calling that has never been there.

I encourage you–Muslim or non-Muslim–to flip the pages of this book and journey with me into the most contentious and oppressive facets of the radicals:

The “Problem” – Sharia principles drafted from flawed “men” with no basis in Quranic truth.

The “Prognosis” – Forced Sharia implementation has led to oppressive governments but also to the self-serving “rules” that state radicals “can kill” apostates or women can be mutilated or divorced without recourse etc etc. Such deep-seated beliefs based on Sharia-ism have led to radicals believing they were allowed and “mandated” to carry out a “violent” form of acceptable “vigilante” justice as they see fit against those they consider “non-believers.” This then leads to the rise of groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban and so many others.

The “Prescription” – Study the texts for yourselves. Learn to distinguish between the contradictory rhetoric and the truth in acceptance, love, freedom, and most importantly human rights for ALL people.”